​​Sarah Harrison Roy

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach ~ Mind Body Nutrition

Welcome beautiful! I have a passion for eating whole foods, cooking from scratch, eating local, running marathons, being a mom and wife, and for helping individuals achieve freedom from Emotional and Binge Eating. 

I combine philosophies of a few great experts, Certification as a Holistic Nutrition Coach, and a lifetime of experience in my own battle with emotional eating. I offer to you what has worked for me and my clients. Together we can get to the root cause of your eating struggles.

No more dieting, depriving, calorie counting, product testing, disappointment, and distress around what we see as our lack of willpower.

I choose to see that our eating struggles exist as a doorway into the other areas of our life that need love and attention.  It can allow us to learn and change in order to feel more life satisfaction in our relationships, career, physical body, and spiritual world.

I see the struggle with food as one of the greatest gifts ~ Let the healing begin

Sarah has a Master's Degree in Business from Simmons College, Certification as a Holistic Nutrition Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is currently coaching individuals to better health.