Allow for just a moment,

the idea that there is nothing wrong with you?  That your struggle with food isn't unique to you ~ and that habits can be changed and broken.  

There can be freedom from food.

5 Simple Habits to Forever Change your Relationship to Food


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Sarah Harrison Roy, MBA & Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach ~ Mind Body Nutrition

Do the following describe you?

~You're tired of feeling stuck in the same place

*You're DONE with diets because you have tried them and know they don't work

~You're ready for sustainable and lasting change

~You refuse to beat yourself up any longer

*You're willing and ready to examine your eating habits 

~You know in your heart that there's a better way

Working together, we'll not only transform your relationship with food and your body, but we'll transform your relationship to your entire life.

No human will tolerate deprivation and a scarcity mindset for very long, which is why dieting does not work, for anyone!

Replacing long term habits that no longer serve us well is the key to creating realistic and sustainable change.  Together we will create a personalized plan to meet your goals. 

I support individuals in discovering how their lifestyle and food choices affect overall well being, physical health, and ultimately a happy and fulfilling life.